Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Spend Dinner

Tomorrow is my payday, and BF doesn't get paid until Friday...and we are brokety-broke-broke because of  Christmas, mini-vacation, and various other things. So, today I stayed home and organized the house (lots of stuff for Goodwill), and made dinner with all ingredients I had on hand. And for once, it's not a totally bizarre combination of convenience foods! I'm so excited that I had to share:

Appetizer: Hummus with crackers and sugar snap peas
Meal: Boneless pork ribs (bought when they were on clearance for $3.96) in crock pot. Used two small onions I had in drawer and the last of the BBQ sauce. My house smells great! Ranch beans (can in cupboard) and Macaroni and Cheese (from a box in the cupboard).
Dessert: Strawberry Jello with mixed berries (bag in freezer) and low-fat cool-whip.

It definitely helps that I've been buying meat when it goes on manager's special and keeping it in the freezer...made it a lot more do-able to create a real meal, rather than just random side dishes.
What's the best improvised meal you've come up with lately?


  1. Good stuff! I'm always throwing together this & that... Tonight was a "mommy doesn't wanna cook night", so CHUNKY from a can & grilled cheese! lol! It's food. ;)

  2. Sounds yummy! I had to go grocery shopping today and spent $80, I hate spending money.

  3. I cook a bunch of random side dishes too so I completely understand that one.

    Yay for a no spend day!