Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanks, ING!

I checked my ING account today, and noticed that my $50 bonus for opening a checking account with them had posted. Hurrah!

I pretty much just use my ING account as a house down payment fund. That is pretty much not getting funded at all right now, so it was fun to see a boost in there, especially since it was free money! I now have $116 in my house fund. Things are getting crazy over there!

Just kidding.

But I am all about the free money. And I like ING, so I'm glad to have an account with them. I moved the money from the checking to my savings, so it can earn at least some interest while it sits there. And sit it will, until my six month E-fund is fully funded.

Have you ever gotten a bonus like that? What did you use it for?


  1. I got that $50 bonus last summer - isn't it great to see truly FREE money pop up??!! And it helped pay a bill that month. I like ING because it's sort of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind account.


  2. I'll be getting my $50 bonus from ING on November 29! Wee! I should use it for something "fun" since it was free money - and by "fun" I mean a much-needed massage when school is finally over! But I'll probably end up using it as a debt payment. I'm using ING as my primary checking account right now, and I love them!

  3. Awesome!! $50 is a nice bonus!! :)

  4. I hope you get a bit extra soon too because we used your referral link!

    we were told we should get our bonus at the end of the month. I told my husband he can spend it any way he wants! As long as he is managing it carefully. HE didn't the last time we tried a similar project, so we're giving it another go : )

  5. You definitely can't beat free money. I have my savings with ING and I really like them.

  6. I signed up this summer when ING Canada was offering 100$ :D I put it into my vacation fund to motivate me to save

  7. I received $50 too!! FREE money is awesome! I use my ING account to separate bills that come at different times of the year..i.e. insurance, taxes etc. It's a great tool to use.