Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November No Spend Challenge

No, I am not doing a No Spend November. That's just not happening. BUT, I am going to set a goal to have some no spend days this month.

I've always thought no spend days were a little silly. It doesn't matter when you spend the money, so your overall budget is more important. However, I noticed that I spend money on little things a lot.

A coffee from McDonalds here.

Breakfast in the school cafeteria instead of making toast and bringing yogurt.

Grabbing little supplies for my classroom here and there (folders and more pencils just last week).

It all adds up. And if I were trying to have no spend days, then I would be much more likely to forgo these little items, which in the end would add up to some savings.

So, since I am not accustomed to doing the no spend thing, I've decided to pick an arbitrary number and go with it as a goal. Because everyone knows goals should be random and meaningless.

Since November is the eleventh month, I'm going for eleven no spend days in November! I'll keep track of them on the blog, and hopefully this will help me be more disciplined in my discretionary money, and come in under budget in that category.

Anyone want to join me?


  1. I'm aiming for 10 no-spend days. I did 8 last month fairly easily, so I'm upping the challenge.

  2. I can never manage to do no-spend days. They just don't work for us!

  3. I don't really believe in no spend days for myself. I know they work for other people, but I'm pretty good at not picking up a random thing here and there. I am, however, in for no spend on clothes and limiting my eating out. Does that count?

  4. I'm with you!

    I use the NSD theory to minimize small, mindless purchases--it seems to work for me because I often find myself thinking that I'd rather not post about spending [$3 on a hot chocolate], so I don't buy it!

    Of course there's an ebb & flow to all of this but I definitely spend a lot less now that I embrace the idea of NSDs.

  5. I've noticed this about myself, too. I'm willing to join you, I just have something I'd like to get your feedback on:

    Say I take $20 out of the ATM on Monday, but I don't spend that cash until later in the week. Normally, I consider that money "spent" Monday, so the little purchases throughout the week don't count as spend days. Does that make sense or am I thinking about this in a really stupid way?

  6. November is a tough month to join this challenge...I have to start Christmas shopping. BUT, having said that, I'll go with 10 days myself. It will keep ME from stopping at McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, or the bagel store. :)! Great idea LBC!! :)!

  7. @TeacHer-Hmm, I see it differently. If the money's in your wallet it's not spent. So I'd count the little purchases, since that's what I'm trying to avoid. But do what works for you!

    And hurray for people joining in...i'm thinking I'll just do a weekly post about how many no spend days I had each week and any epiphanies I experience. :) Although I'm TERRIBLE about keeping up with weekly posts.

  8. I have never liked no spend challenges, because I feel like if I needed to get milk today and this were a no spend day, I would just get it the next day. But there is some truth to your post about buying random things here and there. I think I will participate too. This should be easy for me, because I go home for lunch on most days (I live a mile away from work) and there are no coffee shops or cafeteria in my building.

  9. Good luck! You're right about no spend days and budgeting. It's kind of like having a no spending month but buying a ton of stuff the day before it starts. You're still spending the same amount of money overall, so what does it matter when you spent it?

    I report my no spend days on the blog because they give me motivation, but I'm like me in millions, I rarely pick up something here or there. For me, it's the desire to avoid waiting for those small purchases to post to my checking account since I never carry cash.

  10. I'm keeping track of how many days I spend money this month, to see where I am. I'd like to say I have 11 no spend days a month, but I have no idea...because you're right, it is a coffee here, a soda there. I'm going to evaluate and challenge myself next month, based on a typical month's spending habits! :)
    (So far I'm only at 1. Hmm)