Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July is out of control...

Well, actually I am out of control. But it feels better to blame July.

It's only the 20th and I have already spent all my envelope system money (used for eating out)...plus another 33 bucks. And realistically I'm going to spend some more in the next 14 days (I don't get paid 'til August 4th).

I am ten bucks over on my grocery budget already. This one, I think I can make work for the next two weeks...but it'll be close and might involve some, shall we say, creative, meal planning.

Luckily, I always leave a cushion in my budget for unexpected expenses. So I'm still okay and have a little more breathing room. But it's a yucky feeling to be off the budget. Most of it is laziness...too much of my eating out money got spent on coffee and breakfast when I didn't feel like making it. The curse of summer school, I guess. I've been really good for months, and I am SO close to being out of credit card debt-I can't let it fall apart now!

1 comment:

  1. It is okay, just get back on the wagon. Don't give in now by saying "And realistically I'm going to spend some more in the next 14 days ". Do the best you can to spend as little as you can. This may mean that you don't buy coffee and breakfast for the next 14 days or you turn down some social invitation or you find free alternatives to keep you entertained.

    You can do it!