Saturday, July 3, 2010

I booked my flight to Portland!

Today I went online and bought my ticket to Portland for August 17th-21st. I am flying out of Long Beach (YES! So much easier than LAX), and my grand total came to $215. I budgeted up to $300, so I am happy with this amount. I also just researched and it looks like JetBlue does not charge a checked bag fee...nice! I will have to double check that as it gets closer, but that's definitely a plus. I'm so excited to go on a trip and to see my friend Shelley! We've already talked about a hike, a trip to the Oregon Coast and the Tilamook Cheese Factory. We want to do a picnic in Washington Square park and of course check out a microbrewery or two. :)

Anyone else have any Portland suggestions?


  1. There's always Powell's :)
    The Columbia gorge and its gorgeous waterfalls...
    Numerous bike trails...

  2. Ooh, Powell's! That is on my list for sure. :) Thanks for the tips!

  3. A drive along the Columbia River is gorgeous. Try Voodoo Doughnut for some crazy doughnuts!

  4. That's really good! I've been meaning to go up to PDX to visit a friend but the prices are way too expensive, so maybe I'll wait until after I move. I'm totally all about the food, Ken's Pizza, Voodoo, St. Cupcake, Arleta's Library Cafe! YUM! Downtown is pretty cool too of course and Powells :)