Monday, December 12, 2011

Countdown to Break

Five more days.

That's what we were all saying to each other as we walked around campus this morning before school. Just make it through this week and it's vacation. And it means we made it to Christmas break without having nervous breakdowns. Well, without having nervous breakdowns that we didn't recover from.

Right now my students are working on Powerpoint presentations on the school laptops, so I'm sneaking in a blog post. Grades are due tomorrow. The holiday breakfast is tomorrow morning. I need to make tags for the books my partner teachers and I got the kids for Christmas. I need to finish the banner for honor roll. And about a million things to do at home as well.

Boyfriend and I were going to get a Christmas tree yesterday. But then we got into a fight, and fighting doesn't really ay, "let's go get a tree together and decorate it." But if we don't go soon, I feel like we should just skip it this year. This is WAY later than I normally get a tree. We'll see if we want to do that tonight. If not...IDK.

I'm almost done shopping, but I need to order one or two more things online.

Basically, this is a check-in post. I'm hoping to post again this week, but we'll see if I manage that. I need to catch up on tracking my spending and rediscover some of my frugal ways that I've let go by the wayside over the past few weeks. And I need to post about my awesome Blogger Secret Santa gift!

Anyway, just checking in. How's everyone else hanging in there as we get closer to Christmas?


  1. Sorry that you guys got into a fight, hope you get a tree tonight!

  2. I'm jealous, Christmas break for me means more work because the kids are out, and I work at an after school program! But that's OK because it's also more money :)
    Enjoy your break!

  3. OMG, I'm so jealous that you're done at the end of this week!! I have to hang in there until the 21st!! After we got all that snow a couple years ago our Christmas break has been shortened. Total BS.

  4. Here in Ontario this year we are going until the 23rd!!! It means we don't go back until January 9 though. Personally I enjoy the time after New Years the best - less stressful!

  5. oh I'm counting down, checking the days off on the calendar, I work till the 23rd and then 4 weeks off!