Monday, November 14, 2011

No Spend Days in November: Week 2

I only had one No Spend Day last week. :/ Not amazing, but I have high hopes for this week! Here's the recap-

Tuesday: Stopped at store to get dinner stuff, had friends over to eat and craft.
Wednesday: This would have been no spend, except the $20 I had to spend at the dentist. Stupid dentist.
Thursday: Happy hour to celebrate three day weekend. Holla! I also bought a coffee from 7-11 that morning. $1.89, and I could have just had free coffee at work. I'm lame.
Friday: Lunch with sister and then more craft supplies at Michael's.
Saturday: Paid $25 to watch my cousin cheer and be on Homecoming Court at Cal State Long Beach's basketball game. Then went out to dinner with my family, spending another $25. Expensive, but I'm glad I went.
Sunday: Finally, a no spend! Watched BF run half marathon, came home and ate soup for lunch. I'm sick, so BF actually brought it to me on a tray in bed...after he ran a half marathon. I'm lucky, people. Then we went to Jamba where I used a gift card and then to dinner at his family's house. Hurray for FINALLY getting a No Spend in there!
Monday: Stopped at grocery store to pick up spaghetti sauce and milk, $48 later, I left the store. But I got stuff we'll eat, and lots of lunch stuff so I won't be tempted to spend throughout the week.

Yes, only one day. This brings me up to four days total for the month. Not quite on pace, but I plan to have at least two days this week, which would put me back on pace.

Again, I find that I'm less likely to go for little splurges...I only had one last week, and I regretted it as soon as it passed. So hopefully that will stay with me, and I'll be more diligent about my spending.

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  1. Wow... Spaghetti sauce & milk are really pricey in your area! ;) At least you see where you woud have made other choices & where you're glad you spent! Good luck this week!