Saturday, June 23, 2012

How I Saved $30 Today AKA Studying at Home

Due to the fact that I almost get laid off every year, and in fact did get laid off this year, I decided that it would be in my best interest to broaden my opportunities by getting another credential (this will be my third, in fact). I am taking the test to get a history credential on July 14th. I went for history since I've taught 6th grade history for seven years and was a US history concentration in college. And I like it.

However, sixth grade history is only a small part of the test, and college was eight years ago, so it's definitely time to study. This was confirmed when I took a practice test online, and upon seeing the first question, said, "oh shit" out loud. This morning I came up with a plan to get some studying done.

"I know! I'll go to Barnes and Noble and buy a prep book ($20, at least), then take that to Coffee Bean ($6 for coffee and pastry) and study. I should get a nice, new spiral notebook at Staples too ($3), so I can take notes and do practice tests in it."

Then I remembered that June has been a crazy expensive month and that I shouldn't be spending that kind of money. Also, the prep books got TERRIBLE reviews online, so I am better off using the state standards and my good friend Wikipedia. So, I came up with Plan B.

First, I got up, took a shower, and changed out of my pajamas. I did my hair and makeup too. This put me in the "time to do something" mode.

Why yes, I did choose black and white because it's more flattering.
Next, I dug around and found a spiral notebook with PLENTY of blank pages in it. It was in the BF's drawer, and he tore out the used pages, so I snagged that and some highlighters, a pen, pencil, and post-it notes.

Exhibit A
Then, I poured myself a diet Cherry Pepsi into a glass with ice and a straw. I also made some popcorn and put some wasabi almonds (they're like crack!) into a bowl.

Exhibit B
For ambiance, I put my flowers on the table (thanks student on last day of school!) and tuned my Pandora Station to Death Cab for Cutie for some mellow tunes.

And voila! I am now set to study for the next few hours. If I can get enough studying done and actually pass the test, that will save me the $200 it would cost to take it again. Enough procrastinating, I need to look up all the Constitutional Amendments and remind myself what the Federalist Papers were. And try to get the difference between inflation and deflation straight in my head. Etc, etc. Over and out!


  1. Brava! We often forget about the simple ways to have a good solid study session sans all the (expensive) frills that we became accustomed to when we got old enough to drive and go to Starbucks, etc.

  2. LOVE YOUR PICTURE! always good to see a face behind a blog!


  3. Good luck! Study hard!

    Inflation is awesome for debtors (IIRC, the big thing about this in high school history is William Jennings Bryan and the Silver Standard that farmers wanted because they're debtors), deflation sucks for everybody.

  4. Good luck on your test. I'm sure you'll Rock it. :-D You'll be close by to me, kinda.. I loved living at The Crest in Phillips Ranch, because it was super affordable and a nice place to live, but it may be too east for you and Freddie.