Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Update: I'm Alive Edition

As you may have noticed, I haven't blogged in a week and a half. I'm alive and well, just busy with work and BF, and feeling like I don't have as much to say about the financial side of life. Though as I read other blogs today, I thought of several things to post about...just gotta set aside the time to do it. And I do really like blogging, so I am going to try to do more writing on the weekends to keep this little blog alive.

Weekend Update-I went and saw Hunger Games last night, using an AMC gift card BF and I got for Valentine's Day from a friend. Of course the books are better, so much more depth and detail, but I enjoyed the movie. We went to the 11:15 show, and of course I was wound up when we got home at 2:30, so I didn't fall asleep until 3:30 or so. BF's dad took us out to brunch this morning, which was a lovely treat. We came home and watched a movie on the couch and now I'm in bed, blogging as the rain comes down outside. Not a bad Sunday.

Yesterday I did some pre-trip shopping (leaving for Europe in five days!). Things are coming together for the trip and I'm really excited! Just four more days of work to go! I can't wait!

How was your weekend?

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