Monday, May 10, 2010

Mail In Rebates & Sulfate-free Shampoo

My students are quietly working on state testing right now...which is pretty miserable for them, but I have to say, I don't mind having two hours to get stuff done in the morning. Lovely.

This weekend was full of unexpected expenses-mostly small, but those always add up. But, I also got some free items that I needed this weekend, so it wasn't all bad. First, I was able to use my coupons for free feminine products at Target, once again paying only the tax. (I'm not sure how these keep ending up in my mailbox at school, but I'm not complaining!) Second, I needed new shampoo.

**Side note: am I the only one who ALWAYS runs out of shampoo way faster than conditioner? I wish they made bottles in the ratio that I actually use them-bigger shampoo, smaller conditioner. But I digress.**

I am a stickler about using sulfate-free shampoo, and I have been using Enjoy for the last four years or so. But, now that sulfate-free has become marketable, there are some less expensive versions on the market I've been wanting to try, specifically Organix. I saw Organix shampoo in a couple of different scents (I went with cucumber yogurt) at Rite Aid this weekend. AND, it had a rebate offer for up to $6.99 back (so again, after all is said and done I am just paying the tax for my shampoo).

Granted, I won't get the check for $6.99 for about ten weeks. But I filled it out this morning, stuck a stamp on it, and put it in the mail. I know companies do the rebate thing because many people won't bother to send it in. But I always do, and since I put the cost into my May budget, it will be extra money in a few months. :) How about you? Do you do rebates or put them off and then forget about them?

I will write a review of Organix shampoo after I've used it for about a month. I liked it this morning, but I am going to withold judgement until I can see how it affects my hair. If it works, it would be great, because it's WAY cheaper than Enjoy. Anyone else use a good, inexpensive sulfate-free shampoo?


  1. I'm very interested to hear about whether you end up liking it or not. I recently finished reading Master your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels (and I'm a big fan of hers in general) and she is always talking about removing sulfates and parabens from your cosmetics. It's pretty hard to find things that fit the bill without ordering from online "specialty" places, so this would be a great one to try out. Thanks for the post!

  2. I hate rebates. It's not that I forget to do them, it's that I forget I've done them. And then the rebate money doesn't come and I don't remember. It's too complicated, so generally I just avoid them altogether.

  3. I find that Pantene is the most widely available, reasonaly prices, and overall best shampoo and conditioner in general. I lighten my hair too and I love it.

  4. Does Pantene make a sulfate-free shampoo? I didn't think they did, but if so I'll check it out.