Monday, June 9, 2014

It's Not Always About Money

Today my husband took a huge step towards his career goal and accomplished a dream. He started his internship at our local public radio station!

When he left his job almost a year ago, I know some people thought I was a little crazy to be okay with it. We've lived mostly on one income (minus reffing soccer and a brief stint to Lowe's). He's been in school and at times been home more often. We'd only been married for about a month when he quit.

But today, when I got to see him come home from his paid internship at KPCC, with his new name badge and a smile on his face, I know we made the right decision. He loved it, and is thrilled at this opportunity. And yes, we'd be further ahead on paying off his student loans if he still worked as a manager at Walgreens. We'd have a bigger house down payment fund. And we're still working on those things.

Less importantly, we'd have gone on a better vacation, or eaten out more. I'd probably have more new clothes and would've gotten a pedicure or two. But I wouldn't trade any of that for my husband being able to pursue his dream.

Sometimes, financial goals have to take a backseat to other things. And today confirmed that supporting him in these dreams was totally worth it.

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