Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting Money Back-Moving

When BF and I moved out of the old apartment, we did the things you usually do in hopes of getting back my full $500 deposit. We cleaned like fiends, basically. Patched holes in the walls, scrubbed, soaked, and deep-cleaned the place. I think we did a pretty good job, so I am hoping for almost the full deposit back.

The other way I hoped to get some funds back is in my July rent. We had to pay for the whole month, but we were actually completely out of the apartment by July 7th. So, I emailed my landlord and asked if she could pro-rate the rent for us. She said that if she found someone to move in before the end of July, she would be willing to refund our rent for those days. SCORE!

I helped her along by posting the Craigslist ad on my Facebook, showing the apartment while I was still living there, and of course cleaning the place so that it would show well. And on Tuesday I found out that our efforts paid off: the apartment was rented and the new move-in date is the 20th! So, we will be refunded most of the deposit (I always expect a little to be taken off) plus ten days of rent! YES!

That money is going straight back into my Emergency Fund, since that's what I used to pay the deposit on this apartment. That will put me only $500 away from a completely stocked E-fund!

So, I encourage you to be assertive with your landlord when moving. She wouldn't have offered, but when I asked, she was willing to work with me, and it paid off!


  1. "She wouldn't have offered, but when I asked.."

    That is the key. People have to ask. It can be hard at first, or scary, but it does get easier. Congrats on your money back as you head to your new place.

  2. I love that. You never know until you ask. I need to remind myself of that as well.

  3. Hi! I've been having trouble posting comments on your blog since I obtained my new wordpress identity so for now I'm still a blogspot girl :)

    I read your comment on my last post, and just wanted to answer it here for you: I took out only contributions from my Roth, so there were no taxes or penalties for early withdrawal. That's why the Roth is the only retirement account I'll use. I want my money to be available if I need it! Of course, this can be a good thing and a bad thing.

  4. ALWAYS always ask =)

    I always forget about deposit money. Mine isn't that much here anyway. Even though my rent is >$700 the deposit was only $400 =\

    When I move I'm going to pay someone to clean my place and do the moving though so I don't think I'll net any profit even if I get my deposit back lol

  5. That is the key. Individuals have to ask. It can be difficult at first, or terrifying, but it does get simpler. Best wishes on a refund as you go to your new position.