Saturday, April 24, 2010

But then...

I was so excited to pay off my Capital One credit card (which I cut up at FPU last week) during the month of May.

But car registration came in the mail ($279)
And car insurance bill came in the mail (depends on the payment plan I use, but close to $200, minimum.)
Plus...I got a parking ticket last week (I love Long Beach, but jeez! Give it a rest! $46) might be a low credit car payment month. I can try to cut corners other places, but realistically, if I want to keep slowly building my savings (which at least until I get to $1,000 I do) I might have to make June the payoff month for that card.

Seriously, it took so little time to build the debt. Why does it take so long to pay it off?!!? Ugh!


  1. Is your strategy to pay everything off and then start saving, or to do the twain simultaneously?

  2. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! That's why debt seriously sucks and we're smart to be getting rid of it!

  3. My strategy is to focus on debt for the most part, but save at least $100 per month until I get to $1,000 in an emergency fund. I want to make sure that even if something comes up I can still avoid using my credit cards.

  4. Those 'and thens' are always out there, lurking, waiting for you. It takes forever to develop a system that works. I finally sat down and wrote out all my yearly expenses. Things like the insurance, registration, CAA (AAA) fees etc. Those are the ones that always bite ya in the butt. I then divided by 12 so I would know how much I need to put away each month in an accout so that these kinds of things wouldn't throw me off course.

  5. congrats, I've always wanted to cut up a card... that and smash a guitar like a rock star.