Monday, February 1, 2010

Things I got for free in January!

I skipped the December edition of this post, partly because I didn't keep track and partly because some of the free stuff was used as stocking stuffers, and I felt weird announcing that the items were free. Anyway, the vast majority of these items are samples I requested that came in the mail. I hear about these samples from The Freebie Blogger, which lists samples and such everyday. It's certainly hit and miss, and probably most people wouldn't bother with requesting two free dryer sheets or tampons, but I figure free is free. I am saving pennies somewhere by not having to buy this stuff, and it's fun to get things in the mail. So check it out. :)

1. Sample of 7th Generation all natural dryer sheets (2)
2. All natural dish washing soap sample (7th Generation)
3. Strawberry chocolate tea bag
4. Four free items from Kotex
5. Oatmeal from Starbucks (they mailed me a coupon with no strings attached!)
6. Slim Fast 100 Calories snack bar
7. Milk Shake at Ruby's (eclub coupon. My friend bought an entree, we split the free shake).
8. Aveda shampoo and conditioner trial kit. And it's sulfate free, which is rare for free samples of shampoo. :)
9. Five free items from Tampax


  1. I love freebies too! The best part is that most of the time they come with high value coupons.

  2. Hey Jess-- just came across your blog from fb. thanks for sharing the freebie blogger. I'm definitely going to check it out! And good luck on getting out of debt. You can do it!!